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A Guide to Strategic Growth

President & Founder

Keyhole Financial Services has been buying, brokering, selling and servicing distressed residential second mortgages on a nationwide basis since 1999.

These loans are pooled into private funds and offered to investors as investment opportunities.  All of these funds are managed by Keyhole Financial Services and their team of experienced fund managers. 

To date, Keyhole has managed thousands of loans and has continually paid out returns in excess of 20% to their investors.

Most recently, Keyhole Financial Services has begun selling qualified mobile home notes with annual returns of up to 12%.

For those individuals looking to to become active investors, Keyhole Academy offers on-line programs covering all topics to start investing in distressed second mortgages.


An Alternative Way of Investing

Since inception, Keyhole Financial Services has continually outperformed the S&P 500.

Keyhole Financial Services constantly creates, implements, defines and re-defines it's core investment strategies based on current and projected market conditions.

Alternative investments such as distressed second mortgages has long been recognized as a valuable addition to the traditional stock and bond portfolio model. Yet most investors struggle to efficiently access this asset class, finding it challenging to find quality investment opportunities with trusting relationships and solid expertise.

We offer streamlined access to unique alternative investment opportunities that focus on long-term profitability. Our consistent track record and impeccable reputation speak for themselves.

Passive Investing

Currently, we offer two ways for investors to invest in our distressed second mortgage funds.


Option 1:  For investors who are accredited, they may invest in any of our funds that are created on an on-going basis. Minimum investment is $100,000.


Option 2:  For investors who are not accredited, but wish to create their own private fund. Minimum investment is $50,000.

An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

How Investors Do It Themselves

Keyhole Academy is our education source for mortgage note investing; offering comprehensive on-line courses, for the newbie, as well as seasoned note investor.

Active Investing

The academy was created because of the tremendous amount of investors coming into this space. Many students come from the Real Estate market brokering and/or flipping houses.  The idea of working anywhere with just a computer and phone, investing a minimal amount of money, working a minimal amount of time and generating double-digit returns has made this opportunity too good to pass up.

Mentoring One-on-One

For those students looking for more hands-on training, we offer our Private Mentorship Program. Students can elect to purchase three or five mortgage notes and begin working with one of our seasoned mentors. Every aspect of the day-to-day management of their notes is done with the assistance of our team.

Whether investors are looking to supplement their income or launch a new career, our programs empower students to transform their lives.

Click HERE for more information about our Private Mentorship Program.





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