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Keyhole Academy is our education source for mortgage investing; offering comprehensive on-line courses, for the newbie, as well as seasoned note investor.


We created this academy because we saw a tremendous amount of investors coming into this space. Many of our investors have flipped over to passively investing to learning how to do it for themselves.

Here's some reasons why learning how to invest has become so popular:

  • Make money without ever going to an office

  • Generate returns over 20% with just a computer and phone

  • Low investment needed to get started

  • Part-time or career-changing

  • Supplemental or full-time income

  • Minimal amount of time needed to manage notes

  • Create your own investment future

Study with a Cutting-Edge
Digital Classroom

Students can access Keyhole Academy’s Learning Center from their computer, smartphone, or tablet and study online when it’s convenient for them. Our System syncs across devices, so students can sign in from anywhere at any time to study at their own pace.

Students get to learn from a wide variety
of teaching styles – text, audio, videos,
webinars, group discussions, and even
quizzes and a final exam.


Private Mentorships -- What Sets Us Apart

What sets Keyhole Academy apart from other education programs is our private mentorship programs. For those students who have completed our course, but would like more hands-on training, the student can sign up for a 3-or-5-note program. They commit to buying 3 or 5 notes within a six month period and split the profits, 50/50. However, we hold their hand every step of the way. Every phone call, letter or strategy is done with the assistance of our team.


Whether the investor is looking to supplement their income or launch a new career, our programs empowers students to transform their life.

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