Keyhole Financial


A CEO's Guide to Strategic Growth

Sherman Arnowitz, President & Founder

Keyhole Financial Services, a New York based company, has been in the alternative investing space since 2001. Their main focus has been on buying, selling and servicing distressed residential second mortgages on a nationwide basis.


These loans are pooled into private funds and offered to pre-qualified investors as investment opportunities. All of these funds are managed by Keyhole Financial Services and their team of experienced fund managers.

To date, net returns have averaged over 20% annually.


Other alternative investments include residential short-sales on pre-foreclosed properties on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester.


Most recently, Keyhole has gotten involved in re-selling qualified mobile home notes with warranted annual returns of 8%.


For those individuals looking to learn how to invest themselves, Keyhole Academy was created in 2014. This on-line program guides students through the process of investing in distressed second mortgages from A-to-Z.

To find out more about any of our alternative investing call us at 866-683-2720 or email us at