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Las Casitas Mobile Home Park

Las Casitas Mobile Home Park is a 35-acre property located in Casa Grande, Arizona. The Park currently has 110 lots with the potential for 94 additional lots.


The mobile homes range in size from 700 to 1,500 square feet and come fully equipped accommodating 2 to 3 bedrooms with 1 to 2 baths.


Amenities include large lots, swimming pool, laundry facilities, basketball court, club house, outdoor shade pavilion with lounge-chair seating and bar-be-ques. Utilities include gas, electric, both city water and well water and a sewer system.

Current Mobile Home Investments

The following is a list of mobile homes currently available for investing. Please note these units are available on a first-come basis and the list of units changes frequently. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do investors need to be accredited?

No.  Because investors will be purchasing the homeowner’s Security Installment Agreement, which is collateralized by the mobile home, they don’t need to be an accredited investor.


What’s the minimum investment needed?

The minimum amount to invest is between $20,000 to $50,000. As you can see in the inventory box above, different priced mobile homes with different maturity terms and interest rates become available at different times.


*What is an Investment Assurance?

The Investment Assurance is a written agreement from the owner of the mobile home park committing that each investor will be paid their full amount owed to them for the entire term of their fund. Should the homeowner fail to pay their monthly payment(s), you'll be paid directly by the mobile home park.


What's my collateral?

You have the actual mobile home as collateral as well as the Investment Warranty described above. You also have the physical Title from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) proving you're the lien holder. Because the mobile home could be moved, it's considered "chattel" similar to if you were leasing or borrowing money for a car.


What is the default rate on mobile homes?

While there is no "guarantee", the industry default rate is below 5%. 


How often is the investor paid?

The investor is paid on a monthly basis directly from the borrower.


How is the investor paid?

The investor can be paid by check or by direct deposit into their bank account. We'll help you set up the initial steps in setting up the payments.


Can I invest with my SDIRA?

Yes. Each company has different requirements so you need to check with them first. 


What happens if I want to get out of my investment?

Once you commit to the specifics of your mobile home that you purchase, you're obligated to those terms. Should you need to get out of your investment earlier than what's in the agreement, we can help you by listing your unit for sale and try to sell it to another investor. 


How to Get Started


If you're interested in getting started, please click here and fill out our quick Mobile Home Investment Form. Once you submit this form, we'll contact you right away to start the investment process.


For immediate questions, feel free to call me at 516-750-0392 or email us at


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